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July Colored Assorted Headers- Free Printable Planner Stickers

Hi everyone!

Today I have for you the first of my monthly themed items. These monthly colors are based on the Erin Condren Life Planner Vertical colors. I be posting July colored items starting today and continuing up to July 9th, and I’ll try to continue with that schedule for future monthly items. As you may already know, Erin Condren changed up the colors on us, so I will be posting two versions of all monthly printables. I don’t know how long I will be doing his for. Personally, I prefer the old Erin Condren colors, so I may continue making the old ones beyond December when the old planners end. I will be releasing about 5 monthly colored items per month as well as a sticker sheet with monthly events and holidays just before the month starts. The 5 sheets will vary from month to month. This month I will be releasing checklists, half boxes, and sidebar ombre boxes. I haven’t seen very many blogs doing this, and when I was starting out planning I was searching everywhere for these items, so I’m glad that I can offer this for you.

The first monthly printable I am releasing is a sheet of 125 assorted headers. I tried to include headers that were more common or more used, and I increased the quantity of the most common headers. I know that a lot of these you won’t use so I included a custom form at the bottom so that you can really make these your own. The colors aren’t exact color matches. I did brighten them up a bit so that they would look more appealing.

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Library Decorative Reminders-Free Printable Planner Stickers

Hi everyone!

So if you missed my last post, I’ll give you a brief recap of what’s going on. Basically I’ve designed tons of new sheets for you, all of which are library related. Instead of including 100 downloads in one post, I’ve categorized all the pages and divided them up into 7 days. Today is day 3, and I will be sharing decorative stickers for your planner with library related reminders. Again, most of these reminders were seen in circle and flag form a couple days ago, but I decided to do something a little nicer with the fonts and images. In the next few days you can look forward to:

  • Headers
  • Icons
  • Volunteer labels
  • Library related bookmarks


Most of the stickers are usable in any planner, but the ones that do require a specific size are made to fit the Erin Condren Vertical and the Happy Planner. For this specific set, I didn’t give the stickers a particular size, but I did make sure that the image and text would fit within the 1.5″ boxes of the ECLP and HP.

I’ve made 11 sheets for you today. Two of them are purely decorative and the other 9 have clip art and a text reminder. I will have more information on each one below each image and before the download links.

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