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*NEW* Customizable Headers Template! | Free Printable Planner Stickers DIY Template


Hi everyone!

Today I have something a bit different and exciting! I have gotten tons of Facebook messages, Instagram DMs, and emails in the past few months since I’ve started asking for advice on how to make their own planner stickers. I usually just tell people to look at YouTube videos because that’s how I learned, and I probably couldn’t do a better job. Someone recently also suggested templates for beginners to use to quickly make their own stickers.

To be totally honest, I was a bit hesitant on this. I’m always worried that people will steal my format and take what I’ve worked on and make a profit off of it. Still, I realized after browsing Etsy that there is a serious need for something like this. This would’ve been such a time saver when I started out, and I thought I could maybe help some others out with this too.

So, I opened up an Etsy store where I will be uploading sticker templates for personal and commercial use! My shop’s name is PlannerProblem, and I already have 4 listings up if you’re interested!

I have taken my kit format and made it into files you can use to add in your own patterns, colors, and text. To give an example of how this would work, I made a freebie with headers that is 100% editable in Silhouette studio. I will be uploading freebies from time to time as well as updating my shop to include more planner formats and sizes.

Same rules apply for this freebie as always, but in addition, I’d like to stress that these cannot be redistributed, for free or for sale, even if the template has been edited to include your own colors and text. I don’t mind if you take the shapes and paste them into a separate document to make your own style of page, but I would really appreciate it if it wasn’t the exact same thing. If you would like to use the exact template and make it into something to sell, either digitally or physically, be sure to contact me about getting a license!

If you have any questions about how to use these, I can definitely help! There are also tons of tutorials online that explain how to use the software. Silhouette studio is ridiculously easy to use, and the basic edition is completely free!

Also I think that it’s worth mentioning that this shop does not signify the end of free printables. I will continue to post semi-regularly (as I always have) with the same type of content. I just thought I would try something new and see how it goes!

Thanks for your support!

Download links are found at the bottom of the post!

Follow and tag me on Instagram (@plannerproblem) if you use these in your spreads!

About Printables:

How to print & cut printables:

Click here to see the sticker paper that I use. This was recommended on Facebook, and I would highly suggest you check this out! It’s a great price for a large quantity of sticker paper!

Ranked in order of Difficulty (1-easy, 4-hard)

  1. Silhouette: This is by far the easiest way and that would be to print out the stickers on a sheet of sticker paper, and then run it through a cutting machine like the Silhouette Cameo. I have preset the cut lines in the studio3 file, but I would recommend double checking to make sure the stickers are going to be cut the way you want them to.
  2. Box Cutter/ X-acto Knife: Print out the stickers on sticker sheets. Using a sharp cutter and a ruler, gently press against the paper to create a cut through only the top layer of the sticker sheet. Peel back to use. Get a parent’s help if you are young as this can be very dangerous!
  3. Scissors: Print stickers on sticker sheet and cut out the various shapes with a pair of scissors. Peel the backing off to use.
  4. Stickerless decorating: This is by far the most tedious, but it definitely works. It doesn’t look as nice or glossy as stickers do but its a way to decorate a planner without purchasing sticker paper. Check out my blog post on how to do it!

IMPORTANT When printing from a pdf, make sure that you have it set to a zoom of 100%, and ensure that you have selected PRINT ACTUAL SIZE instead of the default “shrink oversized pages” option. If you don’t do this, your stickers may be slightly smaller than I’ve sized them to be.


If you have any suggestions for printable stickers, leave them here, and I will get back to you ASAP!

Questions? Contact me!

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**All Amazon links in this post are affiliate links. By purchasing through these links, I could receive a small commission. For more info see the Terms and Conditions

***All designs are my own or have been licensed for commercial reuse & modification.

Download Links:

By clicking “download” you are agreeing to my Terms and Conditions. Click the link to read more.


Headers Template pdf –DOWNLOAD

Headers Template studio3-DOWNLOAD

Thanks for visiting my site, and I hope to see you again soon!


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