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Big Happy Planner Sticker Template! // Free Printable Planner Stickers

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Hello everyone!

So I am back to posting, but not on a super consistent basis. I’ll mostly be posting random stickers that I’ve made for myself or for my shop that either weren’t used or aren’t being used at the moment. More on that can be found here.

If you don’t know, I have an Etsy shop where I sell various planner items. Currently, I am selling some templates I made a while back to help you make your own printable stickers. I was selling this Big Happy Planner version, however the sizing has since slightly changed, and I don’t own the new BHP so I am unable to fix it. As a result, I removed the Etsy listing about 6 months ago, and I’ve decided today to upload it here on the blog for free for you to use. Although the sizing is slightly different, they can all be changed/ rescaled/ used in other planners.

Every file except for the Silhouette studio files are flattened, so I would highly recommend downloading those. Keep in mind when I made these that I was using the older version of Silhouette studio. From what I’ve seen, nothing has changed in terms of the templates, but if they do look off a little, it’s probably because of that.

For tutorials in Silhouette studio using sticker templates, visit my YouTube channel, where I demonstrate how to use some of my older templates.

Products I Recommend/Use For Making Stickers:

  • Sticker Paper– I’ve used all of these and linked some inexpensive options. All are great in my opinion.
    • Avery Press-a-ply— Thin, Matte, shipping label material, inexpensive– great for beginners. This does have back slits though with a watermark
    • Online Labels Matte Paper — Thicker, Matte, smooth material, NO back slits/watermark, great for more professional looking stickers
    • Online Labels Glossy Paper — Same as above but with a smooth shiny finish. Requires high quality printer and it is non-removable.
    • Online Labels Removable Matte — As the name states; very similar to the non-removable matte, but creases less with removal
  • Cutting Methods– I personally use the portrait; It’s inexpensive and works fine for stickers. I have linked a variety of options, including the cameo, cricut, and a cameo bundle that is actually quite a good deal if you like crafting. Cutting by hand with scissors also works well; it just requires more patience. If you’re really new to planning and don’t want to purchase sticker, consider printing on plain paper and cutting with scissors, using double sided tape to stick the images to your planner. This is probably the most tedious method.
  • Printers — Lots will work here. This is the printer I used along with its respective toner bundle.
  • Software — definitely recommend Silhouette Studio. I use the Designer Edition, but even the basic edition works perfectly.


Make your own planner kits using these DIY Sticker Templates!


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Thanks for visiting my site, and I hope to see you again! 



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