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Multicolor Daily Chore Labels! {Glitter & Solid} | Free Printable Planner Stickers


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Multicolor Library Circle Labels-Free Printable Planner Stickers

Hi everyone!
So today, I’m doing something a little different. I wanted to make library reminder stickers, as I know that a lot of you will be making visits throughout the summer. I usually denote library visits with a blank circle sticker or a half box if my day is empty, but I really wanted something a little more specific. I initially was planning on making little deco sheets with reminders for when books were due, but I went a little crazy with the planning and ended up designing about 50 sheets (oops!). I’m almost positive there would be problems with the site if I posted downloads to all 50 sheets with studio3 files, and I wasn’t down to post 100 links to one post, so I have split my library downloads into 7 posts, one for each day of the week starting Sunday, June 19th. These printables include the following:

  • Headers
  • Circle Labels
  • Icons
  • Banners
  • Decorative text and images
  • Volunteer labels
  • Library related bookmarks

Most of the stickers are usable in any planner, but the ones that do require a specific size are made to fit the Erin Condren Vertical and the Happy Planner.

Today’s printable will be the circle labels. I’ve made 8 different sheets of these all in multicolor with library related labels. These are 1″, and I considered making them smaller, but in order for the text to be readable, I needed them to be larger. I will however be releasing multicolor mini and large icons if you are looking for something smaller. If you want to customize one of the sheets by choosing the colors, you may do so by filling out the custom form below!

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