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What I Pack to Plan // How I Plan

Hello everyone!
Recently I went out of town for a few days, and I had to decide what pens and planners to take along with me. What I brought is probably excessive to the average person, but throughout the whole trip, I never thought I was missing anything to keep up with my trackers and bullet journal.

Hopefully this list will give you ideas of somethings to take with you if you plan on the go. A lot of these items were featured in my New Year’s Haul, so you can check out more details on them there. I will also try to link as much as I can.

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Planning 101: Finding Inspiration and Choosing Your Style

Hi everyone!

Welcome to Planning 101 where I share my advice to beginning planners! Last time we talked about what you should consider when finding the perfect planner for you. Today I will be sharing my favorite sources for inspiration so that you can develop your planning style.

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Planning 101: Choosing Your Planner

Hi everyone! So today I am starting a new series on my blog called Planning 101 where I share my tips and advice to new and beginner planners! I am going to try to do this once or twice a month in addition to my printables.

Today I am discussing the most important part of planning in my opinion, and the planner you choose will dictate your planning style, your planner stickers, and how effective your planner is. To help you decide on your planner, I’ll be doing this in a question and answer format, where I’ll be posing questions that you should be asking yourself and giving my input on what your answer could mean along with my answer and my result.

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