Custom Half Boxes

Please fill out the form. Each sheet comes with about 36 half boxes.
*For all orders you must be subscribed to and following You will need an email account to subscribe and a WordPress account to follow.
You may select from one of four basic patterns that I have below. You could also choose to use a glitter or solid color. Indicate using the color chart below which you would like or select a monthly theme. You may only select one color or theme per order. To repeat this order with more colors or themes, please fill out this form again.
In addition, please indicate what colors you want for the specific parts of the pattern. For example, if I selected the polka dots, I would indicate that I wanted the base to be blue and the dots to be white.
Questions? Contact me.



Color Chart:

color chart


*33 indicates multicolor

Monthly Themes (Just select the month or mix and match hex codes):



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