Custom Order Form

This is the form for custom orders, where I will email you stickers I have made specifically per your request. This is not the form for recommendations. The recommendation form is for those who want to suggest future posts.

How this works is I will review the information you have in the form, email you to notify you whether I will be making your stickers, and then email you a pdf with the final product. This service is completely free and I will be continuing to offer it this way for as long as I am able to.

Updated 12/21/16:


I am changing the way I do custom orders for the future. Hopefully this will be simpler and easier to use for both me and you!

These changes will take effect JAN 16, 2017. Until then, I will not be accepting any custom orders.

Each week, I will take the first two orders and complete them that weekend. The order will be chronologically determined. For example, if one person submits a request on Monday, another on Tuesday, and a third on Friday, I will only do the first two that weekend, and the third will be rolled back to the following weekend. In the future, I will have the option to purchase  a “Fast-track” option on either my etsy or my fiverr page where you will be prioritized first in line if it’s something you need soon.

The second change is that I will no longer accept custom orders from within blog posts. If you go to some of my older pages, I always had an independent order form embedded within the post where you could choose to customize that specific page. It got too confusing for most including myself, so I’ve decided to stop doing that. Instead, if you want to customize a specific page, you can do that here.

The final major change is that the form will be much more simplified. Rather than having multiple pages, I will only ask a couple of questions. I just ask that you be as detailed as possible in your request. Otherwise, there may be some back and forth emails between us regarding clarifications that could delay your order.

As always, there will only be one rule to custom orders. You must be subscribed to or following this website ( There is a box in the sidebar that will show you how to do that.

*Note: Custom orders must be treated like any other printable on the site. That means that they may not be reposted, shared, or resold in any way without a link to the blog. Simply posting a link to the download does not count, as it does not properly credit the source. All custom orders are for personal use. For more information regarding what you can and can’t do with downloads see my Terms and Conditions.

As long as these conditions are met, I will be happy to make stickers for you.

To subscribe you only need an email account. To follow you will need a WordPress account.

Also, please keep in mind that I reserve the right to cancel an order if need be, but I will always consider every order.